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Photographers:Guido Baviera, Franco Cogoli, Olimpio Fantuz, Laurent Grandadam, Johanna Huber, Stefano Leonardi, Nicolò Miana, Daniele Pantanali, Sebastiano Scattolin, Mark Edward Smith, Giovanni Simeone
Language: Bilingual Italian and English
Format: Hardback, 7x20cm, 12 bookmarks
ISBN  978-88-31403-16-0

This set includes 12 bookmarks in which famous phrases and exclusive images come together to celebrate the elegance of Venice. Detach them with care and always carry the memory of your travels with you.

Bridge of Sighs
Punta della Dogana
Ducal Palace
Feast of the Redeemer
Palazzo Grimani Museum
Venice Carnival
St. Mark's Square
Saint Mary of Health
San Giorgio Maggiore
High water
Rialto bridge

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