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Venezia in Cucina - The flavours of Venice

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Texts: Cinzia Armanini
Photo: Laurent Grandadam
Language: bilingual Italian and English, German
Format hard cover, 19.5x23.5 cm, 288 pages

Editions available:
Venice in the kitchen - The flavors of Venice. 80 traditional and non-traditional recipes - 80 traditional and non-traditional recipes
Translation: Angela Arnone
ISBN: 978-88-95218-42-7 (bilingual Italian-English)
Real Italian! Venetian cuisine. 80 traditional and modern recipes
Translation: Sonja Schroll
ISBN: 978-88-95218-67-0

Venice it has always been a city of trade and commerce. His cuisine, a profound expression of the territory's identity, has not remained immune from contamination with other cultures. The need to preserve food during long sea voyages and the very strong ties with the East, from which the use of spices has imported, have given the recipes unexpected flavors. But in the flavors of its dishes there is something more than the commercial past of this city. To find out it is necessary to land on the islands of the lagoon, where the restaurants offer authentic traditional Venetian cuisine.

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